It seems like cannabis is the in thing for 2019. Whether it’s skin care, or makeup, multiple brands are turning to the beneficial properties of the leaf. The latest company to get on the trend is Lime Crime. And their product of choice is a liquid lipstick.


The Lip Blaze has everyone feeling real good with a real universal shade range. Get a naked lip look and feel with a buttery, high-drating formula infused with top-shelf cannabis sativa seed oil.

Wrap your lips in the perfect hybrid of creamy color and shine.

Just a little dab of this cream liquid lipstick delivers primo moisture that is never ever sticky-icky! Roll it all over your fave Velvetines Lip Liner for color that’s never faded.

Embrace a uniquely universal selection of nude hues that represent the entire nude-icorn rainbow. Take a deep breath and inhale an OG lipstick scent with hints of rose and violet.

Exclusively available for unicorns in the continental U.S.A. and Canada. (sorry, desi folks)


High-drates lips and leaves them soft as a cushion.


Leave you high and dry!

The packaging of the Lip Blaze lipsticks is pretty reminiscent of the leaf. It flaunts a neon twist top cap, with the logo imprinted in green on the tube. The shades itself seem pretty universally flattering. It has the usual doe foot applicator.

  • Jade (pale pink nude)
  • Cash (light nude)
  • Rosemary (light warm nude)
  • Apple (caramel nude)
  • Cali (mauve nude)
  • Ivy (mauve brown)
  • Clover (rose nude)
  • Herb (terracotta nude)
  • Fern (medium warm brown)
  • Bud (medium terracotta brown)
  • Olive (chocolate brown)
  • Moss (deep brown)
Lip Blaze
Source: Brand

True to Lime Crime, the Lip Blaze lipsticks are certified vegan and cruelty free.

If you want to get your hands on this, you might want to consider calling your relatives. Each lipstick retails for $20. Shop them on the Lime Crime website.

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