Well. The most anticipated Spring 2019 Collection has finally been revealed – and it’s a whole lotta blue sans the bad feeling. Jeffree Star, donning a blue persona and sitting in front of a blue backdrop talked about his upcoming collection on YouTube last night. And everybody is SHOOK.

The collection features the heavily awaited sister of the iconic Blood Sugar palette – Blue Blood.

Packaged in an icy blue box which reflects a jewellery box and a coffin, Blue Blood is THE Blue palette you need.

First Row
  • Cullinan: Icy white with a metallic finish
  • Mintea: Mint with a matte finish
  • Crystal Flesh: Champagne with a metallic finish
  • I’m Cold: Powder blue with a matte finish
  • Untouchable (pressed pigment): Soft peach with a matte finish
  • Priceless: Peachy tan with a matte finish
Second Row
  • Power: Deep slate gray with blue undertones and a matte finish
  • Blue Blood: Sky blue with a matte finish
  • Deceased: Deep cayenne blue with a metallic finish
  • Ice Tray: Soft pale blue with a metallic finish
  • Blue Monday (pressed pigment): Vibrant blue with a matte finish
  • Flourishing: Bright teal with green-blue undertones and matte finish
Third Row
  • Wealthy: Soft beige with a matte finish
  • Celebrity Skin: Soft brown with a matte finish
  • Entitled: Metallic teal with a glitter reflect
  • Ocean Ice (pressed pigment): Metallic royal blue with a glitter reflect
  • Cremated: Dark gray-green with a matte finish
  • Undertaker: Deep blue with a matte finish


But this collection isn’t just the palette. It has got a lot blue-r vibe.

Next up is the Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick Set in “Blue Blooded”. These vegan shades are also eye-safe making them versatile options for dramatic liner and shadow looks.

The Mini Velour Liquid Lipsticks: Blue Blooded
  • Drug Lord: Pure white with a matte finish
  • Ice Tray (new): Periwinkle blue with a reflect glitter finish
  • Jawbreaker: Neon pastel blue with a matte finish
  • Blue Velvet: Vibrant royal blue with a matte finish
  • Abused: Purple-toned dark navy with a matte finish
  • Diamond: Light periwinkle blue with a matte finish
  • Titanic (new): Metallic royal blue with a glitter finish
  • Medusa: Slate gray with a blue undertone and matte finish


Star also brings the iciness to the new Liquid Frosts.

  • Frostitute: Soft minty-teal with a metallic-glitter finish
  • Ice Cream Bling: Peachy gold with a metallic-glitter finish
  • Blue Balls: Icy blue with a metallic-glitter finish
  • Michigan Ice: Silver baby blue with a metallic-baby blue glitter finish
  • Expensive: Gold with a metallic-blue glitter finish


Of course, one can’t have a collection without the yummylicious lip scrubs that Star has blessed us with.

  • Vanilla Mint: Jeffree calls it a “safer flavor,” based on one of his favorite flavor combinations.
  • Blueberry Pie: Captures the smell of baking in the kitchen.
  • Blue Freeze: According to Star, this tastes like the slurpees you buy at the movie theatre.


And finally, to round off the entire collection, MERCH!

  • Star Mirror in Dark Blue Chrome
  • Dark blue track suit
  • Baby blue track suit
  • Blue Wind breaker
  • Travel Makeup Bag in Vibrant Blue
  • Travel Makeup Bag in Powder Blue
  • Dad hat in Baby blue with a dark blue JSC star logo
  • Dad hat in Baby blue with a baby pink JSC star logo
  • Grinders in Baby blue and Royal blue in small and large sizes


The Blue Blood collection launches on the 29th of March on jeffreestarcosmetics.com.

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