In this post, we’ll be talking about an India-based brand- Henaa Hainaa Beauty. Started by an Instagram seller in 2018, Henaa Khandwani, also a friendly beauty addict focused her brand around creating an affordable standard name in the Indian (and hopefully international) community without compromising on quality. Her first line included a variety of lashes (which we’ll talk about in a separate post). Today we’ll discuss her second launch which has blown up among desi beauty bloggers and makeup artists- The Dab It Sponge.


Get flawless makeup application with our unique velvet infused blender which works both with powders and liquids with minimal to no product absorption to make sure the product lands on your face and not in the sponge. Made without any chemical or artificial dyes, it’s unique texture will make sure that your makeup looks flawless and airbrushed. Comes with its own handy travel case and a reusable box to make it look sassy on your vanity and also accompany you on your trips.


I was fortunate enough to receive the sponge in PR (Thankyou, Heena!) and I was super impressed by the packaging.

The sponge came in a magnetic cardboard box, which on opening revealed a satin bag that contained the sponge itself. Pretty hygienic, wouldn’t you agree? Henaa has stuck to the pink and gold theme for this baby, and it’s aesthetic on many levels.

Henaa Hainaa Beauty Dab It Sponge
Dab It Sponge – Packaging

What was most impressive was how soft the sponge was! Wet or dry- the texture remained the same. It feels like a little marshmallow cloud in your hands, and I love it!

Henaa Hainaa Beauty Dab It Sponge
Dab It Sponge – Latex Free

On application, I thought the sponge soaked up a little more product than the previous sponge I was using (the YBP Cosmetics sponge. Granted, it is firmer than the Dab It Sponge which is why the absorption), but it works on the same level as the Beauty Blender. Dare I say I prefer it over the beauty blender lol.

Henaa Hainaa Beauty Dab It Sponge
Dab It Sponge

I also appreciate the size of the sponge. The base is perfect for a quick execution of liquid products on the face. And used either wet or dry, I always reach for it to apply powders because they apply streak free and impeccable. I mostly fancy it for spot concealing and setting the concealer- airbrushed to the T!

The Dab It Sponge retails for INR 699, available on her website and it is a pretty average price for a sponge that works this well. My only concern is the colour. The baby pink tends to look dirty easily and I have a severe OCD against it.

  1. Easy availability
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Super soft texture
  4. Hygienic packaging
  5. Travel friendly
  6. Appreciative size
  7. Blends makeup fault-free
  1. Has tendency to look dirty far too easily
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