Lady Gaga’s Haus Beauty images are allegedly released and fans are already cheering for it.

Ever since lady gaga trademarked Haus Beauty in 2018, we have been anxiously waiting for a glimpse of what she would bring to the world of makeup, perfume and skincare. The multi-talented pop star has been dropping hints about her forthcoming makeup and skincare line. She has been lowkey tagging pictures of her with #HausBeauty #Huasofgaga on Instagram posts for months now, which has only gotten us more excited. 

Now the first images from Haus Laboratories have been (allegedly) released and not only do we get a sneak peek at her makeup line, but we also get to see Gaga looking pretty much Photoshop free. 

While the actual products are still very much under wraps, fans are enjoying a glimpse at the make-up – on Lady Gaga herself. Instagram accounts @hausbeautynews and @trendmood1 have shared allegedly leaked photos apparently showing the debut campaign imagery. The account posted a glamourous photo of Lady Gaga claiming that images from her line have officially come out.


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LADY GAGA #HAUSBEAUTY images has officially come out!! ? More to come!!

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The photos which also include shots of two models, were leaked over the weekend and seem to be unedited. Many fans are praising Gaga for maintaining a natural look and not overdoing the Photoshop — a rare occurrence in the beauty industry. There’s been an electric response to the photos so far, with one fan commenting – “I love that you can see her freckles! That’s one thing about her…she looks so natural and is so beautiful!” 

Gaga has not confirmed release date yet for Haus Beauty, but judging from these photos, something exciting is on the way. Basically, prepare your bank balance because Lady Gaga’s line is rumored to include everything from foundation, to lipstick, to perfume, to facial cleanser, to highlighter, to nail polish.


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