Today marks the 61st anniversary of the day  monsieur Christan Dior passed away. At the age of 52 he left us in persoan but gave a lot to the world of fashion to think , to wear and to celebrate. Redifining the wardrobe of women and giving a new definition to style, he made us see how to celebrate the elegance and beauty of every woman.

Many creative directors took the command of the House Of Dior and they all brought something new to offer but it is almost impossible to foregt what the master himself did.

And speaking of the present time and observing the fashion market i wonder that in this rat race of Forever 21’s and Zara””s, has the  French Elegance brought by Dior left the building.

Those fantastic jackets and skirts and scarves and hats brings out a little kid in me whos lost in the store curated and envisoned by Mr. Dior. And  as I look at the images of these stunnig women on the strrets of paris flaunting the creations which was named as the New Look, I sigh, a sigh which expresses both, admiration and sorrow for something that was greater than or equal to art, but then what is the definition of art ? I definitely cant answer that but when it comes to elegance and beauty, Dior is and will be the definition.

Monsieur Dior


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