Haldi Eyes – Farsáli’s Newest Product Harnesses The Power Of Turmeric

Farsáli is a brand that has both the skincare and beauty worlds in the palm of their hands. Whether it’s their face oils, facial spray or more recently, Hydration BAE, it pretty much gets sold out. Now, I haven’t used anything Farsáli, because I can’t be bothered to shell out so much money. FARSo, I don’t know if they hype is real, or not.

Speaking of real, one thing sure is. The fact that Farsáli’s newest item includes the desi solution to skin issues – turmeric, AKA, your granny’s favourite haldi. You heard it right. Infact, Sal did a number on the west and even named it after the masala.


(It absolutely annoys me that I think of Honey Singh and ‘blue eyes’ when I hear the name.)

A 3-in-1 Turmeric-infused under eye brightener inspired by ancient Ayurvedic medicine and beauty rituals. Moisturize, glow and prime with one cream.

This hybrid formula, with a sacred Ayurvedic antioxidant, can be used as skincare and is formulated to make makeup better. The rich, buttery moisturizing formula of Haldi-Eyes explodes with hydration, energizing your eye area. Moreover, it doubles as a smoothing, hydrating primer base for concealer.

Farsali Haldi-Eyes
Source: Brand
  • Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Root, aka Haldi– a sacred Indian spice – brightens the under eye area.
  • Delicate, soothing Daisy Extractbrightens dark undertones. Leaves skin petal soft.
  • Caffeineis a natural vasoconstrictor and antioxidant that promotes a luminous look.

But here’s what bothers me the most. The price tag – $40 for a jar of haldi. I mean, if I ever tell my mum that’s how much I’m thinking of paying to Farsáli, she’ll probably take all my money away. Desis can rejoice, I suppose. We have our own bottles of haldi in our kitchen.

The Haldi-Eyes launches on the 28th of May. Sign up on the website to be notified when it’s live.