Look at the weather: One of the worst things that can happen while you’re out walking is a rainstorm. Unfortunately, this has happened many times and I’ve certainly learned from those experiences! You should always check your local weather report in order to see which are the best times to go for a walk. I usually go for a walk around 5:30pm, however, if I check the weather report and rain is expected, then I’ll simply choose another time during the day to walk. You should also take your fully charged phone with you while out walking in the event that the rain comes unexpectedly and you need to call someone to get you.

Drink lots of water: When going out for a walk, especially a long one, make sure that you’re fully hydrated. It is best to get ready for your walk by drinking two glasses of water around an hour before walking since this will ensure you’re well hydrated and you wouldn’t need to urinate while out walking. Once you return from your walk, you should drink water in order to re-hydrate. It is best to avoid drinking any drinks with electrolytes or even soda since walking is not overly intensive and water is sufficient in order to re-hydrate you.

Caucasian man drinking water during exercises
Profile view of sporty young man drinking water from bottle after long city run

Gear: You should always wear the right gear such as quality sneakers when going out walking as oppose to slippers. Visit the Orthotic Shop for a great range. Sneakers will ensure that your feet are well protected as well as your posture so that you don’t get injured. Wearing a good pair of sneakers will go a long way in improving your stride and even allow you to walk for as long as you like very easily and comfortably.


Form: Walking is a very natural act, however, it is best to work on your form and posture to improve your walk. It is best to keep your shoulders squared as well as keep your chin up while walking. Engage your core and make sure to keep your back straight. Your glutes should also be engaged and strive to tuck them inward. When walking, always try to land on your heels and push off of your toes.

Pace: One great idea is to walk in intervals so that you burn more calories. There are three different types of paces or speeds such as a stroll, brisk walking and power walking which is the most intense and difficult. You should start off with a stroll, then move into a brisk walk for the majority of your walk and then do power walking at intervals after five minutes of brisk walking for as long as you can, then fall back into brisk walking. You should always try to increase the length of your power walking time, every time you go out for a walk. Power walking can help you to lose much more weight and improve your health.

Set Goals: You should try to find out how far you can actually go in a half hour or hour. You should strive to optimize your walking pace and a good goal is 3 miles in an hour. In order to achieve this, you need to set a pace where you cover at least a mile in 20 minutes. Even if you’re not physically capable of walking for so long, simply go for as long as you can and slowly increase it every day. By doing this, your daily step count will progressively increase.

Incline: If you’ve decided to use a treadmill, then you should make use of the incline function in order to burn more calories. While outside, you can incorporate incline walking by walking up a hill. By walking on an incline you will actually increase how intense your workout is while simultaneously reducing stress on your joints and legs.

Walk with company: One great way to keep track with your walking and remain accountable is to walk with a friend or family member. By doing this it will keep you motivated and help you to stay consistent.