Okay, hold up. This wasn’t something I was expecting, or hunting for. But the Guerlain L’Essential foundation showing up at Nykaa is pretty cool! And I am pleasantly surprised. Furthermore, watch me hit that wish-list button. (For readers, my birthday is coming up. And although I don’t do birthdays, if you want to get me something, you know what. *wink*)

I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews of the L’Essential foundation, and I’m glad I can test it out for myself soon. You know how you have some artists whose word you trust 100%? Sabrina is one of those artists for me. And when she said this foundation is bomb.com, I knew I’d be getting it someday. But who knew the day would come so soon?


Naturalness and make-up performance come together for the first time at Guerlain.

A foundation made with 97% naturally-derived ingredients with a natural glow finish that lasts for 16 hours.

The complexion is perfect, luminous and fresh. The comfortable texture becomes one with the skin, making it ideal for buildable coverage (light to medium). With L’Essentiel, bare skin is more beautiful, day after day. The formula lets the skin breathe; hydrates, balances and protects the skin from pollution. The complexion is more even; the appearance of imperfections is reduced.

A unique and disruptive bottle by the designer Mathieu Lehanneur, inspired by the subtle art of balance.

(Honestly, the packaging is what speaks to me THE MOST!) Moreover, the natural and dewy look is sort of my aesthetic, hence, this foundation is more exciting. Since this babe is all about hydration, it will work wonders for dry skin. HOWEVER, my oily skin chicas, steer clear of this one. As far as I’m aware, this foundation will do you NO favours.

Guerlain L'Essential Foundation
Source: Brand

A musky woody fragrance that opens with a white almond top note.

The delicate middle note of white tea reveals a soft and creamy sandalwood base note.

Its charm is sublimed by white musk and tonka bean notes.


Although there are a total of 30 shades in this line, Nykaa carries only 12. Which, honestly, beats ABH’s 3 any day. The range, however, is another topic altogether. They look like they just brought a bunch of medium shades and called it a day. Tragic.

Guerlain L'Essential Foundation
Source: Brand

The Guerlain L’Essential Foundation retails for a hefty INR 4800. Shop it at your own risk at Nykaa.com.

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