With influencers taking the world by storm, it can sometimes be easy to forget that the term “makeup artist” includes a certain creative ability. And when we talk about artistry and design, there’s hardly anyone else who does it better than Gucci. Moreover, the biggest news of the year is that Gucci Beauty is back and bangin’.

London-based Thomas de Kluyver is on board with Gucci Beauty as the brand’s Global Makeup Artist. Speaking to Allure, Thomas talks of the moment he received a call about Alessandro Michele wanting to meet him. And of course, he hopped onto a plane to L.A.

De Kluyver works directly with Michele on looks for campaigns and runway shows – a “creative match made in heaven.” Thomas also has his hands full with the upcoming Gucci Beauty line. The collection entails 58 luxe lipsticks in a variety of finishes.

  • Rouge à Lèvres Satin – 36 shades with a satin finish
  • Rouge à Lèvres Voile – 18 pop-colors with a luminous finish
  • Baume à Lèvres – Lip balms in 3 colors and 1 clear


The packaging of the lipsticks reflect Michele, and flaunts a real connection with old Hollywood glamour. The star shade of the collection is Alessandro’s favourite red called “Goldie”. “It’s not too blue, not too orange.” Gucci prides itself in versatility and basic beauty – so you can use the lipsticks also as cheek colours.

Gucci Beauty
Goldie / Source: Brand

Surfbort frontwoman Dani Miller is the face of the Gucci Beauty campaign. Refreshingly, Alessandro Michele has chosen to convey the notion that makeup needn’t be intimidating, or a tool to hide behind. “The idea is to create a humanized point of view, however strange,” Michele says. “But the strangeness is human, so it’s beautiful.”

The Gucci Beauty makeup collection is available to shop online on their website.

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