Tutorial Tuesdays with Rihanna and Fenty Beauty is back this week, and this time, they’re focusing their video on the new Stunna Lip Colour – Uninvited.



In the video, Rihanna starts off by gesturing a clapboard and laughing about how big her hands are looking. She continues to joke with a set member and dives right into the video, applying her Uninvited lip colour, and clearly obsessing over how black the pigment is.




She then moves on to detailing her eyes, using Fenty Beauty’s Moroccan Spice palette and the shade “Cumin Get It”, applying it on her crease to give it a contoured look. Using the FLYLINER by her brand, she applies her eyeliner and is in the mood for a “light, flirty definition.” She also explains that the tip of the brush controls everything. “Whether you wanna go thin, you just create like really light tension on the brush. If you want to go thicker, just press into the brush slightly. If you want to go even thicker, you press more. You let it go.”


Moroccan Spice Palette


fenty 2


She starts working on her face, by using her MatchStix in Chili Mango, gives her face a wash of colour, and uses ‘Trippin’, which she calls a “perfect blend of pink, peach and gold” and applies it to the bridge of her nose.

fenty 3
Chili Mango


fenty 4


For finishing touches, she uses the #KILLAWATT CLF highlighter in ‘Diamond Ball Out’ (where 100% of the sales goes directly to the Clara Lionel Foundation, helping fund education, disaster relief and global awareness), and gives her look the extra oomph by applying it in the inner corners of her eyes. Rihanna says the CLF Killawatt “adds a bit of drama, without doing the most.”


fenty 5
Diamond Ball


fenty 6
Diamond Ball

The singer-turned-entrepreneur calls the look “Goth-chic-casual”, and if you’re not into excessive Halloween looks, maybe this is for you!

fenty 8