Last year in October, Lime Crime gave us a Pumpkin inspired collection for our Halloween fantasies and needs. In the month of love, the brand is giving us a line influenced by Venus. In Roman mythology, she was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility – Go figure.

Let’s see what this launch entails.


Long lasting matte and metallic liquid lipsticks.

lime crime velvetines


The Original Liquid Matte Lipstick Inspired by Rose Petals

The liquid matte that started it all. Conceptualized and developed by Lime Crime founder Doe Deere, Velvetines draw inspiration from her favorite flower – a red, red rose.

Doe used to cut out rose petals and paste them onto her lips as a child.

Richly pigmented, French vanilla-infused formula glides on as a liquid and dries down to a luxurious, velvety matte finish that lasts for hours and hours.

Touch-proof, kiss-proof and utterly addictive!

  • Desire: Pink coral
  • Sparrow: Deep orange
  • Trinity: Violet mauve


Based on the famed matte formula, Metallic Velvetines have the same staying power, but dry down to a luxurious ‘liquid metal’ finish.

Touch-proof, totally opaque, and cool AF.

  • Rosa: Metallic fuchsia
  • Cherished: Metallic taupe


? CHERISHED Metallic Velvetine inspired by Venus XL 2
? ROSA Metallic Velvetine inspired by Venus XL
? TRINITY Matte Velvetine inspired by Venus 3
? SPARROW Matte Velvetine inspired by Venus 2
? DESIRE Matte Velveinte inspired by Venus 1

What It Does

Makes your lips feel luxurious and velvety, like a rose. Lasts all day with minimal touch-ups, even through meals.

What It Won’t Do

Bleed or transfer. Dry out properly moisturized lips. Ruin the perfect kiss.

How to Use

Apply lip balm 15 minutes prior; pat off excessive oils with a tissue.

Apply Velvetines directly to lips (use a lip brush to refine edges).

Remove at the end of the day with waterproof makeup remover or oil.

Find the Venus inspired collection here.

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