Hello Ladies,
Makeup is not just an indulgence for women, it is their second face that lets them venture in the real world with more confidence. Makeup is a source of confidence and inspiration, a means of expression, a form of wearable art that women around the globe experiment with every day. And the right makeup products let a woman express herself right, stand out in the crowd and hold herself with poise. A woman devoid of proper face make-up products, even the basic ones like moisturizer, lotion or BB cream, tend to leave a woman feeling incomplete and vulnerable. She definitely needs some specific make-up accessories to roam about the town with a carefree attitude, rest assured that she would be looking beautiful while also being protected.
When it comes to makeup products for women, you can rely only on the best! For a lady, her makeup is extremely important, as it seems to have supernatural effects. That is to say, it can completely change the way a girl looks, making her exude a certain charm and oomph. Products which are not trusted can wreak havoc on your skin, while applying it in a hurry or improperly makes for a serious fashion crime that is imprinted in people’s memory for ages. So, you should make the right choice in brands when it comes to beauty products for women. For that I am listing below best compacts from a very famous brand ‘ Deborah Milano‘, I personally like this brand and I have used there compacts, eyeliners and lipsticks and trust me they are superb and worth investing. 



Price : Rs. 415


It is a feather-light silky smooth powder for a even out tone. It leaves a no-shine finish. I actually didn’t tried this one but my sister is using this presently and she is actually happy with it as she has a very oily skin and after trying so many compacts from other brands only this one gave her what she was expecting. Only one disadvantage of buying this is that it does not have a mirror in its lid so whenever we came across a situation where finding a mirror becomes a task, we can always rely on these tiny mirrors in our compact boxes.
It comes with 8 shades so that you can chose according to your skin tone.





Price : Rs. 1150

I’m presently using this one and I’m impressed with the results. It has the smooth and silky enough texture which blended really well on my skin, it covers the light pigmented area on my forehead and also the five’o’ clock area.
It has three different shades





Price : Rs. 625

Ultrafine powder with Mineral Oligoelements and a soothing and regenerating action. A light dusting of powder sets your foundation so its stays perfect for longer, and also prevents breakthrough shine.
It comes with four different shades suitable for all Indian skin tones.


Good quality makeup products are the ones that are not in-your-face or over-the-top in appearance. You can also distinguish a good makeup as the one that doesn’t make you look like something you are not, but only highlights and accentuates your natural beauty in the most effortless of ways. This, only premium brands can ensure. So, try these fabulous yet pocket friendly compacts from Deborah Milano and look flawless.