Best 5 Glossy Scrubs perfectly blending your skin for summers

A perfect and a smooth skin is what a women wants. The transition from winter skin kept hidden beneath endless layers and glowing summer skin lifted by a fresh tan is often a tricky one. A glossy scrubs can work the best for such changing and excessive heat. Scrub away dead skin cells, boost circulation and aid lymphatic drainage with some of the best scrubs.


Ginger & Sea Salt Body

Glossy Scrubs _ stylegodsSea salt, ginger extract, ginger exfoliator, grape fruit extract and fruit acids from lemon, pineapple, grape and passion fruit. All are the real ingredients are used to make it.  Ginger and Sea Salt Body Scrub leaves skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Glossy Scrubs _ stylegodsIt buffs away dry, flaky skin to smooth over your lumps and bumps. This army of Vitamins A, E and D hydrates and nourishes the skin. It makes you a smooth and sweet nut that everyone will want to nibble on.


Skin Smoothing Body Polish

Glossy Scrubs _ stylegods

Combining gently exfoliating Lactic Acid with polishing micro- dermabrasion granules and a unique multi-active moisturizing complex, this highly effective formula sloughs away dead skin cells and smoothen rough, dry bumpy areas. your skin will be left feeling exceptionally soft, smooth, and noticeably more radiant and healthy looking.


Susanne Kaufmann Detox Oil Scrubs

Glossy Scrubs _ stylegodsOrganic and plant-based ingredients. Bregenzer Forest to create holistic skincare products. This detoxifying scrub is formulated with healing Sesame Oil, soothing Bisabolol and gently exfoliating poppy seeds to stimulate circulation and invigorate dry-looking skin, leaving it feeling smooth and silky soft.


 Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser

Glossy Scrubs _ stylegodsThis stimulating gel-based exfoliant’s precise blend of Pumice and Bamboo Stem sloughs away dead surface cells while botanical oils purify and calm skin. Follow with Geranium Leaf Body Balm to moisturize and soften skin. Focus on dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet, then rinse thoroughly.

Feel The Smoothness Of Your Body.