When it comes to the #IWokeUpLikeThis aesthetic, there’s not a lot of brands out there who nail the hammer on the head. Glossier is one such brand. With minimal being their aesthetic, the brand delivers clean, fuss-free beauty and skincare. Although there is a debate that they cater to people with already unproblematic skin, the brand still creates a LOT of hype.

Since the start of this month, the brand has diverted into a sub-brand – Glossier Play – and let’s just say that fans are losing their sh*t.

Speaking to Allure, CEO Emily Weiss says, “It’s kind of like if Glossier is your everyday essentials, [Play] is your going-out makeup. Dialed-up extras, fun, joy, color. It’s really tools for play.”

Let us take a quick dive into Glossier Play and it’s babes.

Glitter Gelée

Could it be magic?

Everything about Glitter Gelée is feel-good: add this one-step glitter gel anywhere you want a jeweled look. The multi-dimensional paillettes mirror everything as you move, changing and reflecting color everywhere you look. Comfortable, wearable, and long-lasting.


Targeted glow.

Finally, a highlighter with depth. This buildable concentrate is made with a refined pearl powder to create an illuminating sheen that blends seamlessly onto cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bows, and eyelids for the glow you want, where you want it.


Vinylic Lip

Click for more.

Meet your newest obsession: Vinylic Lip. This lip vinyl comes in six essential colors with an addictive high-shine finish. The cushiony, never-sticky formula gives you the gloss you want with the shades you need to go with anything. Build up to the full, lacquered look—and once you get there, keep going. Want more? Just click.


Not just another eye pencil.

These are the 14 new-to-you shades to add to your makeup bag. Plus, a formula that dreams are made of: a highly pigmented, smooth gel pencil that doesn’t crease, smudge, tug, or skip so you can be free to create.

But makeup isn’t the only thing Play has brought to the market. Two tools – a ‘blade’ and ‘The Detailer’ – are also included to assist you in looking flai AF.

The Glossier Play collection ranges from $4 to $20. You can also pick up a set including each of the items for $60.

Play here.

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