Glowglam brand is working on Glitter Face Mask for magical and glitz effect.

We all are surrounded with the latest trend of glitter. From eye shadows to lipstick everything has been invented with a glittery twist. And while we have been enjoying the resurgence of sparkly goods there is a new product which is soon going to be launched. You will be surprised to know about Glitter Face Mask. Skincare Glamglow made the announcement about their launch. A face mask packaged at a base that is bound to inspire the mixture of glitter.

Glitter Face Mask _ stylegodsSlathering your skin down in glitter, the thought may seem like a nightmare, but do not worry. Contrary to the newest famous super mud wash-off mask, the brand new Glittermask will probably be a peel-off. It seems like the mask, in reality, be a new variant of the Gravity mud firming peel-off mask. The product is made with dark inky colour instead of it is usual metallic silver.

Glitter Face Mask _ stylegods

Glamglow is not a beauty brand. Co-founder and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino delivered his Instagram video out teasing face mask. While the announcement of mask launch Blandino provides the supporters of the brand sneak peeks at upcoming launches. There is no official word yet on if either mask will soon be hitting shelves.

Glitter Face Mask _ stylegodsGlamglow’s entrance will be appearing in Sephora anytime by this season. But unfortunately, they have not declared any exact date right now. But what our guessing says is that the product launch is not far away.

Glitter Face Mask _ stylegodsIf there will be limited edition or a part of more permanent collections, there is no way you will have the ability to overlook these glitter mask after launching. We promise they will be all on your Instagram feed.

Go On A Glitter Ride.

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