Lip Glosses With Glamspin Fidget : Now gloss while you spin.

What if one of our fidget prop is converted into one of the essential. BuzzFeed was not only launching its own spinner. But also a Glamspin fidget spinners that has three lip glosses housed inside it. I know it is bit difficult to imagine such a product. There are superhero spinners, DIY cookie spinners. Kim Kardashian West has one in her Kimoji Shop. It was only a matter of time till this trend was appropriated by beauty manufacturers.

Glamspin Fidget Spinners _ stylegodsThe finished product is called Glamspin sniper. Lip gloss might just be the only thing that could make spinner more attractive. Everyone knows that compulsive lip gloss application is basically for everyone. The toy is kind of genius for those of us who compulsively reapply lip balm throughout the day for shiny lips. The site has created a glammed-out version of the spinners in collaboration with Taste Beauty, a brand known for its kitchsy beauty products.

Glamspin Fidget Spinners _ stylegods Buzzfeed Product Labs and the flavour gods at Taste Beauty put these two obsessions together to create spinner that doubles up as a trio of lip glosses. The spinner comes with three flavored lip glosses housed inside it, including: Peach Whirl, Grape Twist, and Strawberry Cyclone. It won’t be available until July, but you can pre-order one now for $10 at, if that’s your thing. Time to trash those old chap sticks and trade up. I wait for such products to launch so that I be the first one to buy these. So pre order the product right now so that it don’t take long to reach your pouches.

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