Girls handbags and top brand for Purse collection 2020

Accessories are a good way to showcase the latest trend for Girls handbag. As you know, fashion repeats itself, but it can sometimes take decades for a trend to reappear on the runway and rise again. Apart from the clothes, even in accessories a lot of research is done and It takes an expert such as fashion buyers to anticipate a trend that has the potential to become hot and in demand for a number of seasons.  All these seasons are then well read through.

Handbags for girls and Girls Purse collection

Don’t be an impulsive buyer if you really want to showcase a trend, first, observe it for 6-9 months and if it reappears in a particular season then it holds a demand in the market and those consumers are buying it. 2020’s fashion trends are influenced by the latest runway shows and street style.  According to fashion week, we’ll be seeing a lot of sling bags, Girls Purse, oversized totes, Handbags for girls, teeny weeny-mini bags, slouchy clutches & so on

Sling Bags


These are not just the bag for style and comfort but they various styles that you can wear every day.

Bucket Bags


These bags keep reappearing every now & then. This style of bags is cute to carry informally for dinner parties, and social gatherings.

Crossbody Bags


They are both fashionable and practical. You can carry it whichever way you want. It can work as a casual option for your weekend wardrobe or a smart piece to elevate your evening look.

Quilted Bags


Quilted bags of all sizes and colors ran the gamut on the runways, from Alexander McQueen (pictured above) and Burberry to A.W.A.K.E. ModeThis classic style lends an air of sophistication to any cross-body or tote bag you choose for the 2020 season. This style is sure to last you a lifetime.

The beaded Bag


This tiny beaded bag takes accessory to playful new heights. Whether done in iridescent, pearlized beads or a playful pop of color, this look feels like a  game of dress-up in real life.

The Tote


The tote is one such bag which is perfect for those days when you need to take everything around with you. The Tote is one of those bags that can fit it all in, but still, look chic.

Now that we have already discussed different types of bag, let us also understand the essentials that are required in a purse by every working woman—

Dairy & Pen – When you’re really trying to pay attention and take pointers in a meeting, a book and pen are a lot more efficient than a device. It is way better than jotting down things on a napkin.

Lipstick – Always keep lipstick in your purse, so that in case if you are messed up or looking dull due to sleep deprivation, a good lipstick can draw the attention from your eyes.

Safety Pin – These are the real lifesaver, in case of any miss-happening with the clothing they come as a rescue.

Sanitary Napkin – This does not need any explanation. In case of emergency, if we end up losing track of dates. They come to the rescue. So indeed they are needed.

Hairbrush – Messy hair has a way of overshadowing the best outfit and impeccable makeup. You never know when your hair might need some emergency taming.

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