Wanna look trendy and cool as you log in from your home? Well-well-well hey ladies, even if you hold your patience from getting brimming and look calm even you are done by seeing your partner, husband, kids, or in-laws every day. You seriously cannot give away your fashion and look chicky for anything! We completely understand your over-blown emotions. Balancing work from home and work from home simultaneously is a major task on your to-do list. However, fashion is heavenly! Pampering yourself, looking fresh and fragranced is another tangent that you love to enjoy. So, why not welcome the same overwhelming situation with ‘Gingham Trousers’. Yeah sure, this is nothing to do with Gangnam-style dance…

What is Gingham’s style? Does it have anything to do with the Gangnam song…

Oppan Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style
Najeneun ddasarowun in-ganjeogin yeoja
Keopi hanjaneui yeoyureul aneun pumgyeok ittneun yeoja…

Ha Ha Ha, oh no dear! There is nothing to do with this world-famous Korean song. But, if you like this, then you will surely like Gingham pants too. Gingham was first coined in Europe where it was a stripped fabric way back in the 17th century. But, now it has been distinguished with checked-pattern. Later in the mid-18th century, it got produced by the mills of Manchester, England which started to be weaving into checked patterns and then followed by plaid patterns.

So from then, gingham has slowly aced to reach into your wardrobe in the form of English coats, to winter jackets, mufflers, trousers, and whatnot. Keeping heed of this, recently i.e. pre- #NewNormal, Gingham fashion showed up in the spring display. Complying with every aesthetic value, the show displayed cropped top, high-rise gingham pants, tunics, and flared-up gingham trousers.

So, girls if you prefer check patterns (even if its size is small, medium, large). It’ll be better if you call it…Gingham style…


How to look gig with Gingham Prints?

Now, that if you scroll above (a little bit), gingham prints are self-defined & explained. Prints in the cubed form will of course add some power to your dressing style. But, if you are well fashionable you can able to carry it perfectly. Pairing it up with a plain colored top, or flared cotton top (even with fine stripes) will do magic to your overall getup. Adding to this, wearing a chunky bracelet and pairing earrings will ace up your accessory look.

Now, if you are planning to wear a gingham skirt gracefully? You can pair it up with a simple black top and become an effortless fashionista for the day. Adding to this more, if you are a beach person, gingham shorts will spruce up your mood for any adventure which the state will extend.


What comfortability one expects in work-from-home attire?

Pajama- tee, capris, hoodie-slack, skirts, midis…

As more and more people are clad in semi-formal attire for more than a year now. It is wise that you pick something extraordinarily comfortable and classy at the same time. Getting ready for work normally helps to get ready for the day ahead and thereby establish a routine with better productivity and positive output.

So, be it your comfortable leggings, or pajama with a t-shirt, comfy sweatshirt, tee, tops, and even comfortably midis or wide-leg gingham pants as your work-from-home attire. You need to show that you are mentally and physically up there (in front of Zoom Meets/Google Meets) listening and proactively participating in the discussion even if you are feeling too sleepy and tired.

Contrary to this, gingham trousers are simple and easy to wear while you are bracing up to catch your meet in the next five minutes or easily getting ready for any get-together. It is said that gingham pants are fun, peppy, and perfect for spring and summer. You just need to be experimental by mixing bold, or the same color schemes with it.

How gingham pants are comfortable for 2.0?


Gingham trousers scream to be fresh and happier this summer. Even when you may feel exhausted from year-long work-from-home, never challenge your fashion statement for anything. Remember, everything will go back to normal one day. And if you leave all ties open for looking professional and active from your professional habitat. It won’t be easy while you again prepare yourself to step out in the #NewNormal.

So, before that day knocks on our doors, it’ll be kind that you know how comfortable gingham pants are for your day to be super comfortable yet classy.

Ace your gingham trousers with a fun classic belt, tuck-in crease-free cotton shirt. You can also pair it with nude pumps. For an informal meet, you can even try out some casual cute look. This includes a cropped hoodie, denim jacket with white sneakers.

Even if you are not always camera-ready nowadays. It is not important to show your footwear or smoothen hairstyle. Still, it is wise that you pair everything up for the days to come 🙂

Note: It is not big to say that you have got gingham pants in your wardrobe. It is largely important that how to wear gingham pants for your work-from-home as well as for your office culture (in its physical environment)?


Are gingham shorts available?

Yes, they are (already added above)! Be it gingham trousers, wide-leg gingham pants, or gingham shorts- it all looks super cool. So, next time you want to play around and have some fun away from the concrete habitat at home. Gingham shorts will be your ultimate savior from your dead.

Clubbing it with light tops, crop tops, tees, or even tank tops. You can enjoy your cute and comfortable shorts and beat the boredom of work-from-home culture easily.

Try everything out and write us down, how was your Gingham style?

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