What is makeup without proper skin care? Having a well taken care of base ensures that your makeup goes on flawlessly and perfectly. And one of the key items in routine skin care is toner. We’ve all heard the saying, “Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise.” I’ve always focused on the cleansing and moisturizing, but it was when I started to pay attention to the toning, did my skin start looking younger, fresher and healthier.

And in today’s article, we’ll be talking about my ride or die toner- The Pixi Glow Tonic


The Pixi Glow Tonic is highly concentrated, invigorating facial toner that deeply cleans pores by sweeping away excess oil and impurities.

  • Exfoliates and purifies the skin with Glycolic Acid
  • Ginseng improves circulation and energizes
  • Aloe vera soothes and hydrates
  • Refines the appearance of pores
  • Gently accelerates cell renewal to reveal a brighter, glowing complexion
  • Balances, heals and soothes for radiant, healthier looking skin
  • Alcohol free
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Not tested on animals

I first purchased the Glow Tonic back in August 2016, but didn’t start using it regularly and religiously until 2017. That was the point where I started to see a visible difference in my skin once it was a part of my daily regimen. The toner comes in a sturdy, basic, non bougie packaging and is available in 3 sizes- 100ml (£10), 250ml (£18), 500ml (£32). The toner seems orange but is actually colourless when dispensed.

Pixi Glow Tonic / Glycolic Acid

The key ingredient in the tonic is the Glycolic Acid. Glycolic Acid is a water soluble Alpha Hydroxy Acid that exfoliates the surface of skin, decongests clogged pores, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, acne scarring, and helps treat hyperpigmentation.

I have dry, sensitive skin. And finding a product that didn’t worsen the sensitivity was God send! Not only does the Pixi Glow Tonic do everything it claims to, it also leaves a sense of unparalleled happiness on witnessing the results- by yourself or the people around you.

The Glow Tonic 100% helped me with my breakout and scarring issues, and also made my skin feel supple, hydrated and glowy. The fact that the product is alcohol free makes it even better because unlike other toners, it doesn’t dry out your skin like a prune.

Pixi Glow Tonic / Glycolic Acid
Pixi Glow Tonic

I use the Glow Tonic twice everyday- in the morning and in the evening, when I do my night time routine. Since the tonic does come slightly pricey, you can skip the cotton ball and apply it with your hands, because the cotton does end up wasting a little product. Either way, you’ll get the benefits out of this baby without compromise.

  1. 100% effective
  2. Alcohol free
  3. Pleasant scent
  4. Perfect exfoliating toner- helps with breakouts and hyperpigmentation
  5. Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin
  1. Slightly pricey
  2. Not available in India