Bare Anatomy is a brand straight outta Gurgaon that brings to you personalized hair care – according to your hair type and needs. Sweet, isn’t it? So I decided to check it out myself.

I first heard about Bare Anatomy while scrolling through Instagram (I’ll be honest, I hear about a LOT of things on IG.) And the first thought that came to me was, “oh wow, personalized?”

According to the brand’s website, “Bare Anatomy celebrates and respects the most natural, unique, and the purest form of Individuals.

Bare Anatomy is a next-gen personal care and beauty brand for women. The team consists of very passionate and pedigreed individuals, who are alums of top schools.

An out of the box and innovative concept, backed by advanced science and creativity makes Bare Anatomy a perfect balance of the heart and the mind! The company started with the aim of revolutionizing the personal care and beauty industry, starting with haircare products that include shampoos, hair oils, hair serums, and hair masks.”

Currently, the brand offers shampoos, oils, and serums.

You start off by taking a hair quiz.

Questions include your age, hair type and quality. They also ask if you’ve had any recent chemical treatments done and how much heat your hair is exposed to.

To finish off the personalized hair care, they ask about your preferences – colour/smell of products, and what hair goals you intend to achieve.

You are then given an option of either purchasing singles or bundles – shampoo, hair serum, and hair oil.

I will admit, that the brand’s prices are kind of up there. I picked up all 3 items for my hair for about 2 grand. (yikes) But I have no qualms about it if it works.

bare anatomy
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Right off the bat, I LOVE the intense blue packaging the bottles come in. Very elegant, very re-usable. And yes, it’s got your name on it.

The products itself, are pretty aesthetic looking. Personally, I love the hair oil and hair serum. I don’t have a verdict about the shampoo yet. Everything smells amazing, though. I find myself smelling the oil while passing by my shelves – it’s THAT good.

Neither the hair oil nor the hair serum is greasy. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down, and everything is super soft, super bouncy. Of course, it’ll take me about a month of usage to come to a proper decision about everything.

The only thing I feel is that the bottles are definitely too small at the price they’re being offered at. I wish they had bigger bottles – which would ensure longevity. Especially, since custom products can be ordered from patrons living afar.


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