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We all know that accessories are a fun way to personalize an outfit, whether fancy or simple, nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe like jewelry. Talking of jewelry, gold, diamonds, silver and platinum have always been the choice of women worldwide. However, this is not the case any more. The trend now is that of junk jewelry, popularly known as funky jewelry or sometimes as bling jewelry. More and more people are going for junk jewelry, for office wear, school and college wear, and even for parties and other occasions. Not only teenagers, but people of all age groups are going in for junk jewelry. The main reason behind the popularity of junk jewelry is that it is available in  colorful and trendy designs. It is lightweight, unlike traditional gold or diamond jewelry, and easily affordable due to which it does not have to be safeguarded closely. The vast variety of colors and designs in which it is available as well as its easy availability has made it wearable on all occasion. Also i have spotted so many actresses like Alia Bhatt and Sonakshi Sinha wearing such funky jewelry.

The reason behind funky jewelry gaining so much popularity is because they lifts the look by their colors and designs. In this article i have listed few funky accessories to add a bit of bling to your everyday ensemble.


                                                        Earrings and Ear cuffs


1. Stud Triplex Earrings Whitee1

Price : Rs. 599

Buy it here : http://www.trinketbag.com/categories/earrings/edged-triplex-earrings-white.html#.VrgxWVh9600


2. Chaand baalis


Price : Rs. 249

Buy it here : http://www.trinketbag.com/categories/earrings/chaand-baalis-752.html#.VrgyMlh9600


3. Mug Earrings


Price : Rs. 90

Buy it here : http://www.shopnineteen.com/accessories/jewelry/mug-earrings.html


4. Winged dragon ear cuff


Price : Rs. 399

Buy it here : http://www.trinketbag.com/categories/earrings/winged-dragon-ear-cuff.html#.VrgxpFh9600


5. Trendy Costume White Clear Plastic Punk Style Drop Earrings



Price : Rs. 416

Buy it here : http://www.fabque.com/things/4811/Trendy-Costume-White-Clear-Plastic-Punk-Style-Drop-Earrings


6. Fashion Statement Gold Tassel Vintage Funky Earcuff


Price : Rs. 279

Buy it here : http://www.fabque.com/things/5124/Fashion-Statement-Gold-Tassel-Vintage-Funky-Earcuff


                                                    Pendant and Neckpiece


1. Apple Pendant


Price : Rs. 249

Buy it here : 


2. Black Starfish Necklace



Price : Rs. 589

Buy it here : http://street311.com/Women-Jewellery/black-starfish-necklace?page=2

There is one more color option available for this one,




3. Pearl Glass Charm Necklace



Price : Rs. 599

Buy it here : 


4. Neon Blue Peter Pan Collar Necklace



Price : Rs. 499

Buy it here : http://street311.com/Women-Jewellery/neon-blue-peter-pan-collar-necklace?page=12

There are more colors available so that you can easily pair them up with most of your clothes,


5. Big Red Belly Owl Necklace



Price : Rs. 369

Buy it here : http://street311.com/Women-Jewellery/big-red-belly-owl-necklace




1. Gothic Black Bat Bracelet



Price : Rs. 479

Buy it here : http://street311.com/Women-Jewellery/gothic-black-bat-bracelet?page=8


2. Multi Layered Charm Bracelet

multi-layered-charm-bracelet-bracelets-jewellery-500x500Price : Rs. 429

Buy it here : http://street311.com/Women-Jewellery/multi-layered-charm-bracelet?page=12


So, these are few of my personal favorites in funky jewelry. You can also find your favorites on these websites to add little more glamour to your look.

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