This year lets celebrate beauty new way, with this Gender-Free Beauty Brand

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.” Not every individual is bold enough to break the barriers and expect everything. Makeup is one of those things which not only change our looks but also our moods. And now with wider wings, it has taken a step further by changing the mindsets of people. Today’s world has just started to recognise that now every individual is free and can live their life with their own conditions. They know that now they will not be judged on basis of their choices. And it’s clear that the beauty industry has no plans to be left behind in this race towards freedom. Where LGBT is excepted everywhere even beauty line have decided to welcome it with open hearts. This Gender-Free Beauty Brand has taken the initiatives to celebrate it in a new way. Scroll down the gallery and check some clicks of the campaign.

Brand said, “From colour tones that aren’t restricted to only light, medium and dark, but are actually diverse enough to suit every skin tone on the planet, to men fronting campaigns for products that were earlier only stereotyped as women’s prerogative, we’ve certainly come a long way. Makeup sees no limits, borders, or gender anymore, and making a strong case for our beauty brand.” Check out their few products.

Fluide is a collection of colourful, cruelty-free makeup for all gender expressions, gender identities and skin tones. Fluide was created with the belief that makeup is a tool of transformation and a powerful means of self-actualization. Fluide’s collection includes liquid lipstick, nail polish, and glitter free from potentially harmful and/or endocrine-disrupting chemicals including phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde and triclosan.

“We are Fluide, makeup for him, her, them, everyone”, the brand urges its customers to break free and express yourself without a care of what others might think.

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