Gaurav Gupta Perfume is intense and will make you feel you are travelling world

It is amazing to know that Indian fashion designer has opened his wings in a new direction. Gaurav Gupta is one most passionate person of the fashion industry. The designer has really worked hard for his perfume. Gaurav Gupta Perfume is a unisex perfume and is named as “Again.” The notes of perfume is a complete balance of ginger, cedar wood, earth note, forest note, absinthe note, and oranges, oakmoss, rum, thyme, pink pepper and vetiver. Here are some amazing things that you need to know about this perfume.

Gaurav Gupta Perfume _ stylegods Perfume name again is kept for a reason that is, sense of moments and infinity repeating themselves. It’s based on designer Gaurav Gupta’s belief that the mind relives these moments in the form of déjà vu and becomes obsessed with occurrences. Jahnvi Lakhota Nandan, who founded The Perfume Library, lives and works in Paris. Her perfume works are exhibited across the globe at spaces. Perfume is made of best and amazing 60 ingredients and has a marked lack of notes.

Gaurav Gupta Perfume _ stylegodsGupta and Nandan had initially mulled over two names throughout the conceptualization stage.  The creators actually visited the forest to do complete justice to the sourcing of components.Resonating with Gupta’s philosophy of sustainability, the cologne is 90% natural with real scents of the woods. The odour is a gender-fluid and limited edition that you are able to get your hands on for INR 10,400. I hope that soon you will be ordering this amazing perfume and will be a big fan.

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