Gap makes a statement about Diversity with one article of clothing, through a cast of models and celebrities

Gap is celebrating individuality with its new “Bridging the Gap” campaign, directed, styled and cast by Editor-in-chief of British Vogue magazine, Edward Enninful. A number of familiar faces in turn appear in the one-minute promo clip. The clip is set to “Sunny” by Boney M- including well known celebrities Wiz Khalifa and Priyanka Chopra. At a time when the climate is rife with political tension and the country is more divided than ever, one clothing brand is doing something to take the edge off for a few minutes.

In its “Bridging the Gap” campaign (play of words-using pun), iconic American brand Gap is softly touching on these serious issues. At the same time and most of all celebrating diversity and championing optimism. All of this through a lighthearted song and dance. No piece of clothing transcends different styles, tastes, and backgrounds like a white tee.

The campaign stars 14 people and each of them had different personalities. Adwoa Aboah, Maria Borges, Christie Brinkley, Miles Chamley-Watson, Priyanka Chopra, Jonathan Groff, Wiz Khalifa, Fernanda Ly, Casil Mcarthur, Lineisy Montero, Ellen Rosa, Jasmine Sanders, Yara Shahidi, and Alek Wek.

They all came together to sing the 1976 song “Sunny” by Boney M. as a united front. Furthermore, each individual wearing Gap’s iconic white tee, styling it to reflect their individuality.

Edward Enninful recruited an incredibly diverse 14-person cast of celebrities and models, who he feels embody American culture today. All of these individuals were especially relevant because they helped in driving home the message.

“I love the optimistic American style that Gap celebrates and the simplicity of the basic white T-shirt that allows you to be yourself. Growing up, I loved the imagery I saw from America as it celebrated being the land of the free and home of the brave,” Enninful stated. “This project is about authenticity and people living their truths.”


Runway favorite Adwoa Aboah tells shooting the project was a blast–especially since she was meeting some people for the first time, like Wiz Khalifa. On a larger scale, it points to how inclusive Gap strives to be. “Gap is for everyone—it’s a brand that doesn’t pick one type of person, and it takes a stand against choosing just one type of boy or girl. It’s a brand for different types of people,” said Adwoa.


It was a mash-up of new acquaintances and old friends. Borges knew all the models, but it was her first time being on set with Chopra and Khalifa (singing with Khalifa, she says, was a surreal experience).