Glossier has always had a “your skin, but better” vibe to it. The brand’s mantra includes skin first, makeup next. (which is why we saw Glossier Play become reality way after Glossier) And the brand’s newest product is the epitome of the perfect marriage between skin care and makeup.


If you’re the kind of girl who prefers a luminous, dewy base, you’re going to celebrate. Because this newbie has basically MURDERED the matte finish. And it does so in a rather aesthetically pleasing way.

According to Glossier’s website, the description for Futuredew is as follows –

“You know that dewy sheen you get after you put on all your serums and moisturizers? The one that looks so good but evaporates as soon as you leave the bathroom? We created Futuredew to bottle that effect and make it last. This first-of-its-kind oil serum hybrid is packed with nourishing oils (that don’t feel greasy), while brightening plant-based extracts deliver an instant and lasting glow. Use it as the final step in your skincare routine for a gleamy, well-moisturized look that lasts up to 12 hours straight. Consider it a shortcut to the skin you want—more hydrated, glowing, cared-for—in one long-wearing product.”

Similar to other Glossier products, Futuredew is also cruelty free, vegan and non comedogenic. Furthermore, it works for all skin types.

You can use Futuredew as skin care or under makeup, for that luminous AF finish. A review by puts the “oil-serum hybrid” verging more onto makeup than skin care. The reason? The texture isn’t very serumy, and the luminous finish serves more as a highlighter. Either way, they’re a fan. And I’m guessing more people are, too.

Futuredew retails for $24 on