The beauty industry is one that is constantly evolving, (and as of late, getting into a LOT of controversy!) When it comes to techniques, it feels like by the time we finesse one trend, the community has moved onto something else. Bold brows, contour, jamsu – so much has come and gone. As of now, we’ve all moved onto glass skin, channeling our version of dewy dumplings, and basically focusing on glowy, radiant bases.

According to a recent article by Glamour Magazine, make up artists have a technique to perfect your base, without using a lot of product. It’s called “Foundation Mapping”.


It is exactly what it sounds like. You concentrate your products in your certain areas, and leave the rest barren to portray your #IWokeUpLikeThis aesthetic. Moreover, it is a trick that completely revolutionizes the “no makeup” makeup trend.

What we’ve all been doing is dunking a bunch of product on to our hands/faces/brushes/blenders and sweeping them across in a uniform fashion. Now no more. Because according to Glamour Mag, “MUAs have been sitting on a game-changing secret, which, when strategically employed, can transform the look and finish of your base.”


The first thing you need to do is get the foundation that works best for you. That includes skin tone, and the finish – matte, dewy, natural – whichever floats your boat.

Next step – prep it like it’s hot! You can’t expect to get a gorgeous finish of makeup if you’re not giving equal time to the canvas. Aside from your skin care, prime your skin depending on the need. Mattifying/blurring primer if you have oily/sensitive/porous skin. On the other hand, use a hydrating primer if you have the Sahara desert on your face.

Third, tailor the consistency of the foundation as you like. Foundation mapping or not, I always like to mix a little bit of moisturizer with my foundation or Henaa Hainaa’s Gleam Elixir. Infuse that extra radiance, henny.


Concentrate the product on your T-zone, around your nose and anywhere you have blemishes. If you have dark circles, puffiness around your eyes, mix a little concealer with foundation and apply. But skip out anything heavy, as it will crease.

DON’T miss out on your jawline, neck and hairline! You don’t want a stark contrast. Seal the deal by dusting off a little bit of light powder and be careful to not overdo it.


Skip applying a lot of product to areas that don’t require the coverage, like the cheeks. Keep it super light. Add a tiny sweep of highlighter on the highest point to give a natural dimension. Avoid the highlighter on the bridge/tip of the nose.

Finish off your work by melting the products in using a setting spray.

The result? Gorgeous skin that doesn’t look like it’s been dunked in makeup.

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