“After working in beauty for so long, I still had the same kind of acne as I do right now: never not two or three pimples, regardless of really good dermatologists, a ton of education, and access to every product. This is just how my skin is, and I’m fine with it.”

This is an excerpt from an interview by Into The Gloss with former Elle beauty editor and co-founder of Starface, Julie Schott. Julie had an idea to make decorative hydrocolloid acne patches in 2015. “Hydrocolloids are super inclusive both price and skin sensitivity-wise. And I thought making them cute might take away some of the shame and sadness that’s associated with acne.”

Fast forward to 2019, the hydrocolloid patches are a thing of reality. And launched under her brand, Starface.

A spot treatment that’s out of this world.

You see spots, we see stars…and also spots. Which is why we made Hydro-Stars: they’re hydrocolloid pimple-protectors: clinically proven to absorb fluid, shield spots from outside bacteria, and prevent skin picking. The result? Starry Night vibes and a happier skin.

Starface Hydro-Stars
Source: Brand
  • Notice a pimple? In order to be sure if the Hydro-stars qualify, see if there’s fluid or pus percolating before putting one on
  • Wash your face. Make sure you’ve got clean, dry skin
  • Put a star on with clean fingertips. Moreover, give the Hydro-stars about 6 hours to work their magic
  • When the star turns opaque-ish, the job is done. Remove your star, and don’t re-use it. Please.

The Starface Hydro-Stars retail for $22, and contain 32 patches per pack. Run out? Don’t fret, simply get a refill pack!

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