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Finally winters have gone officially and spring has well and truly, sprung. Historically, spring is a time of new beginnings and rebirth. What better time then to reassess your wardrobe?
Let’s start with arguably the most important investment of all: your shoes. Men love shoes and also it is often said that the first time you meet someone, you’re judged on a number of factors – with three of the main counts being your hair, handshake and footwear. There are two reasons why they’re important. First, they can change your entire outfit, and second is that everyone notices them.
Because of these two truths, when shoes are bad, they’re really horrendous. Alternatively, when they’re great, they’re wonderful. Impressive, even. If you buy good quality shoes, they’ll last a long time if they’re taken care of.  But if you have to attend any formal meeting or need an option for daily office wear then, there will always be one reason or another that you’ll need to wear something formal. In my opinion men should have a variety of footwear in there wardrobe both casual and formal. 
The goal of this article is to give you an overview of a man’s options when it comes to formal footwear.  I’m not going to try to sell the idea that you need a pair of shoes for every occasion, but I would like to expose you to the concept that quality footwear that fits well is a worthy investment, and that the right shoes for the right situation can substantially elevate your personal style and comfort.


Blue Formal Shoes By Heel & Buckle London


Price : Rs. 10990


Oxford Shoes With Toe-Cap Detail By Zara


Price : Rs. 3990


Leather Bluchers With Elastic Band By Zara


Price : Rs. 6990


Brown Formal Shoes By Franco Leone


Price : Rs. 1951


Selvatelle Black Formal Shoes By Aldo


Price : Rs. 6494


Reptile-Effect Leather Loafers By Zara


Price : Rs. 5990


Black Dress Shoes By Salt N Pepper


Price : Rs. 2447


Brushed Leather Bluchers With Broguing By Zara


Price : Rs. 5990


Brown Formal Shoes By Footin


Price  : Rs. 1199


Buckled Leather Shoes By Zara


Price : Rs. 6990


Black Formal Shoes By Ruosh


Price : Rs. 3244


Classic Leather Oxford Shoes By Zara


Price : Rs. 5990


So, grab these stylish and classy shoes for a perfect formal look.
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