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I am really into Ayurvedic products as they are prepared with naturall ingreidient and have no side effects as such .And it is really important to get the right product especially for your skin. So I have to share these products which are  the best and effective for your skin . India’s leading brand for ayurvedic products “Forest essentials ” have launched their two new facial mist in the market – Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Bela and Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Hasayan Rose. These facial mists are infused with natural extracts of floral and fruits. These water-based face toners help to hydrate tone and revive the skin. They are packed in clear plastic bottles with spray nozzles .You can buy there newbie’s from nearby outlet or from their online website.




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Product description : A complex fragrance with exceptionally rich yet delicate notes, the Steam distilled water of the exquisite Bela flowers from Madurai in South India, are infused into pure spring water, and are breathtaking in the purity and freshness of their scent. The essence of this flower helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and replenishes the moisture levels of the skin.

Price:Rs 675

Go grab these newly launched facial mist for fresh and replenished face


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