Flowy pants are a major trend alert as they look good and feel comfortable

Flowy pants are now the next best alternative to your favourite pair of leggings. A trend-savvy woman would be aware of the comforts of workout-leisure feels in a pair of flowy pants. But if you have doubts on wearing second-skin tights, we have big news: Flowy pants are in — and they’re making a major play for workout-wardrobe domination.

Flowy pantsBecause while leggings are definitely a comfier alternative to your stiff vintage denim, and can seem a little too sporty when you’re heading for bar drinks with friends.

That’s why Flowy Pants Movement is changing the game with its totally fresh flare. Side Split Flare which are roomy and breathable and still hold up to your sweatiest workouts.

You can easily transition these wide-leg styles from an everyday look to a workout outfit. Swap a blazer and heels for a sweat-wicking tank and sneakers and boom: You’re hot-yoga ready faster than you can say Bhujangasana.

Here a three on-trend pants that will have you turning heads from sidewalk to studio.

Side Split Flow Pant

Flowy pantsNo judgement if you want to skip your workout and stay curled up with Netflix in these pants. but, chances are, you’re going to want to show them off. The vented leg design puts its spin on the girly activewear craze, and the super-soft ribbed waistband is flexible enough for every body-bending move. Pair the pants with the your high-necked Tees for a statement look.


70’s Flare

Flare pantsThe 70’s  Flare will give you a classic style with a modern feel. In the winters, you could pair it with a cropped turtleneck, sleek suede jacket, and platform sandals. All of this can take you back a few decades without having to build a time machine.


Embellished Float

Flowy pantsEmbellished flowy pants add a colorful look to your outfit. By putting on a colourful yet attractive embellished float, all you need to ask your friend is the number of heads turning for a second glance.

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