Remember the old times when you used to shop. You had to fight through the traffic, then wait for the assistant at the shop to get free and show you various products, and finally hustle through the long queues at the checkout counter.

giphyBut that’s the past, now we shop at our ease. The rise of online shopping has made our life easy. Now we can chill at our homes, and get everything delivered. Shopping online is intrinsic to most of us now, except the few who are still skeptic.

Will the product be original? Will it be delivered on time?

Don’t you worry now. Flipkart with its new offering, “ Flipkart assured” is going to wash away all your skepticism.

flipkartassured_mainFlipkart the poster boy of online shopping in India, have rolled out their latest offering to rid you of your anxiety.

Flipkart revisits their most popular creative device yet – remember the ‘No Kidding campaign’ from 2013 – the one which made all of us fall in love with Flipkart? The new one is a light-hearted ad, with cute kids portrayed as adults. The dialogues and antics in the film will put a big smile on your face. 

The heroes of the films – the watchmen, warn the shoppers about the shady tactics of ecommerce companies.

“Checks maangoge toh polka dot denge, building maangoge toh khaali plot denge”

But the cute-girl portrayed as smart shopper rebukes them and tells them she is assured by the six point check done by flipkart.

1471606771365-640x184The advertisement is short and crisp, brings a smile on your face and deliverers the message intended. Check it out.

Flipkart Assured is the new benchmark in online shopping. It’s a process through which Flipkart guarantees speed and quality.

“Flipkart Assured” products go through six rigorous quality checks, are packed with care and delivered on time.


And the brilliant part unlike “amazon prime”, you don’t have to pay to use the service and it’s available to all customers of flipkart, no partiality.

With this new service, flipkart aims to reach new heights of customer satisfaction and delight.

So keep your worries aside, and go shop.


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