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I always get asked a bunch of questions regarding foundations – which ones are good, how to avoid cakiness, how do you make sure it lasts long enough etc. I’ve compiled a small list of foundation tips which I’ve tried and tested. And it works – every. single. time.



For real though. If you think you can slather on foundation without doing your skin care – ya basic. That is wrong on so many levels, I can not even.

Cleanse. Tone. Serum/Essence. Moisturise.

The reason I’m adding the serum/essence in between is because they will give your skin the burst of hydration it needs. The more hydrated your skin is, the less likely your base will cake on you.

My pick – The Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence.

Foundation Tips
Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence

Here’s the tea – your favourite MUA/blogger’s fave foundation can NOT be your fave foundation too. Unless of course, you have the exact same skin type. Similar to skin care, foundations are also made to target separate skin types.

So do your research, and get a sample before you buy the big ole bottle.

Ps: Foundations with SPF will have flashback, sooo you might want to avoid them at night. Unless you’re channeling Flashback Mary, in which case, you do you, boo!

foundation tips
Flashback Mary

Undertone is a word that gets thrown around. Like, a lot. But it also key to finding your foundation shade.

Let me make it simple for you.

Look at your wrist. Look at the veins. Like, REALLY look at them.

If they’re green, you have a warm undertone, and if they look blue, you have a cool undertone. Neutral undertones will see a combo of green and blue veins.


foundation tips
Source: Tenor

A primer is essential for even coverage. Especially because it helps perfect the canvas for foundation application. Primers come to counter a lot of issues – pores, dullness, oiliness. Pick and choose what works for you.



A very popular question is – brush or blender? Honestly, it depends on what kind of finish you’re looking for. And most importantly, what you’re comfortable using.

I like to apply my foundation with a brush, and then go over it with a blender to even it out.

If you want a dewy finish, use a damp blender. (See the best affordable blenders we’ve picked out for you.)

Dry blenders give a more matte finish, but can soak up a lot of product. So if you’re opting for a matte finish, apply with a brush. And go over it with a dry blender to finesse.

Our brush picks – PAC 304 and PAC 265

You can also stipple your foundation if you want it to be more full coverage. For the uninitiated, stippling is a light taping motion that presses your foundation into the skin giving it a fuller coverage finish.

foundation tips
Huda Beauty / Giphy

Foundation tips 101: If you use too much foundation, chances are you’ll be looking super bad as time passes.

Hence, apply a single layer of foundation. And top off with concealers in areas you need a li’l more something.

Here’s our list of budget friendly concealers. Another favourite includes the Overachiever concealer by Huda Beauty.

foundation tips
Source: StyleCaster

If you’re feeling a little lighter coverage, mix your foundation with a tiny bit of moisturizer.

And if you find the glow-from-within look appealing, mix in your fave liquid highlighter and apply! My pick – The MAC Strobe Cream.

Foundation tips
Source: Grazia

The key to making foundation look like second skin is to not let the moisturizer dry before application.

So make sure that skin is DAMP!



Setting your foundation with powder is ~major key~ to a well lasting foundation. Powder all over if you have oily skin (you can even bake!), or only the T-zone if you’re dry. I powder everywhere even though I have dry skin cuz I’m a rebel and #ThatsHowILikeIt

Our picks – The Maybelline Fit Me powder and the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder.

foundation tips
Source: Gifer

This step isn’t essential, but if you’d rather not risk your makeup melting, go ahead.

For a dewy finish, use MAC Fix+. If you want a matte finish, MAC Fix+ matte.

foundation tips
Source: Giphy

So there you go. All my best foundation tips. And while you’re at it, please don’t forget your neck. It’s awkward AF.

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