Finesse Glass Skin With Priscilla Ono

My absolute favourite makeup trend of 2018 has to be glass skin. The no make-up makeup look is the most highly requested tutorial that I’ve been asked to demonstrate. And with good reason. With the exception of events,a lot of people want to simply enhance their natural features and look fantastic. And that is where glass skin comes in.

Global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty, Priscilla Ono teaches us how to achieve the perfect glass skin using products from Fenty.

The Rundown

To start off, Ono rubs the Match Stix Shimmer Skin Sticks in the shades “Rum” and “Star Struck” on the back of her hand. And using the Full Bodied Foundation Brush, she applies the combo to the high points of her model’s face. Note that she does this prior to foundation. “The more layers you do, the more dimension you get with your glow.”

Next up, Ono applies the Pro Filt’r Foundation mixed in with a face oil for a “glossy effect”. Additionally, she uses the Match Stix Matte Skin Stick in the shade “Bamboo” for concealing under the eyes. Which she then blends out using the Precision Makeup Sponge.

After that, Priscilla uses the Portable Touch Up Brush and lightly dusts the Invisimatte Blotting Powder over certain areas. To warm up the face, Ono warms a little bit of the Match Stix in “Suede” and applies it to the perimeters.

Now for the interesting part – Using the previous face oil and Fairy Bomb Shimmer Powders, Ono adds the glow for the glass effect. For blush, she uses the Match Stix in “Ridiiic”. And the cherry on top – a LOT of face mist!

For final touches, Ono dabs the Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb on the model’s lips. And the rest of the oil and shimmer concoction is applied onto the shoulders and collar bones.

glass skin

Voila! Perfect, dewy glass skin.

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