When Rihanna graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, everybody focused their attention on her makeup. Even her beauty brand, Fenty Beauty dropped hints at new makeup being used for the shoot. Of course, eagle eyes were quick to notice the vivid colours used, and figured that a colourful Summer collection was in the works. In fact, Rihanna has been wearing her newbies to many events lately – we stan a sneaky kween.

True to predictions, Fenty Beauty announced that all the bright, neon shades we were gagging over would be launched REALLY soon. The limited edition Summer 2019 collection is titled, “Getting Hotter”, and it sure as hell is.


Sound the alarm, this is NOT a drill! Fenty Beauty is comin’ in hot this summer, and we couldn’t be any less excited. This year’s summer collections features a lot of neon, colourful vibes and YAAS HUNNY! It includes eyeliner trios and a new lip product – Poutsicles.


Rihanna created the shades in each trio: Wear them solo or mix and match to create your own eye-opening color combo. With super smooth precision and glide, these liquid eyeliners deliver soft neon effects that work for everyone—whether you’re into rule-defying definition or like to play it straight with just a touch of color.

  • Papaya mama: Tropical papaya
  • Lime Feva: Tropical lime
  • Skinny Dip: Tropical periwinkle
Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter Summer 2019
BAESIDE / Source: Brand
  • Hollapeno: Bold green
  • Technobeet: Bold berry
  • Hot Tub Club: Bold sky blue
Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter Summer 2019
BAEWATCH / Source: Brand
  • Hottie Alert: Pastel pink
  • Wet T-Shirt: Pure white
  • Banana Blaze: Pastel yellow
Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter Summer 2019
BAECAY / Source: Brand



Quench your thirst for mouthwatering color. The Getting Hotter collection features the Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipstick. This babe “hugs” your lips in bold, luscious color and a juicy satin finish that makes your pout pop. Born in seven hyper-vivid shades encased in made-to-match packaging, Poutsicle comes in an irresistible range of hues for all skin tones to show off. Get sassy in electrifying pinks and purples, or turn up in vibrant orange and blue. Ultra creamy, smooth, and lightweight, Poutsicle packs a punch of slick, tropical color that anyone can pull off.

  • Go Deep: Bold teal blue
  • Tropic Tantrum: Poppin’ hot pink
  • Alpha Doll: Tropical orchid
  • Hot Blooded: Juicy candy apple
  • Motorboat: Electric sky blue
  • Purpsicle: Vivid purple
  • Sun Snatched: Blazing orange
Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter Summer 2019
POUTSICLE / Source: Brand
Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter Summer 2019
POUTSICLE / Source: Brand

The entire Fenty Beauty Getting Hotter Collection will be available for purchase on the May 10th. Shop it online on the brand’s website or Sephora.