It’s been a while since Fenty Beauty initiated it’s plan to take over the beauty community. And it is now time to ask the very important question – Is there anything that Rihanna CAN’T do? From launching hydrating foundations to well-themed collections, Fenty has been killing the game so far. And as of late, the brand introduced a product into the market, which, quite frankly, we weren’t even expecting.

Rihanna wanted all of us to have fierce AF brows, and she gave us the ultimate tool to snatch those arches.

Give it to me quick:

An ultra fine, retractable brow pencil made for hair-like precision. Born in a groundbreaking range of 14 longwear, waterproof, smudge-resistant shades—plus a built-in paddle brush for effortless blending and styling.

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP
Source: Brand
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Meet the only MVP you can trust with your brow game. Rihanna created this creamy, longwear eyebrow pencil to go the distance with 14 all-star shades. From strawberry blonde to ash brown to the deepest black, Rihanna made sure to serve even the hardest-to-match hair colors. (Fans were super happy that queen RiH gave them a red pencil)

Rihanna knows how personal brows are, so she made it easy to get instantly defined, natural-looking brows that are true to you. Outline and fill-in brows with smooth, hair-like strokes that’s not too creamy, not too dry, but just right.

Plus, Brow MVP’s smart triangle shape makes it easy to hold. Furthermore, a built-in paddle brush combs through and shapes up brows while blending out excess color.

  • Light Blonde: platinum to light blonde hair, golden undertone
  • Medium Blonde: light to medium blonde hair, cool undertone
  • Dark Ash Blonde: medium to dark blonde hair/taupe, cool undertone
  • Soft Red: strawberry blonde to light red hair, warm undertone
  • Auburn: medium red and reddish brown hair, warm undertone
  • True Red: for classic red hair, warm undertone
  • Dark Auburn: dark red and reddish brown hair, warm undertone
  • Ash Brown: light to medium brown and grey hair/taupe, cool undertone
  • Light Brown: light to medium brown hair, golden undertone
  • Medium Brown: medium to dark brown hair, warm undertone
  • Dark Brown: medium to dark brown hair, neutral undertone
  • Black-Brown: dark brown to black hair, neutral undertone
  • Soft Black: dark brown to black hair, warm undertone
  • Deep Black: very dark brown to black hair, cool undertone
Fenty Beauty Brow MVP
Source: Brand/Twitter

The Brow MVP retails for $20 each, and is available on the brand’s website and Sephora.