Fendi Collaborates With Rimowa to bring modern and easy travelling bags

When it comes to travel it has to be easy and the best part of the journey when you are out for holidays. Travelling in the comfort zone is what makes you happy and you enjoy more. But what is making me amazed is a beauty brand collaboration with a manufacturing company of luggage. Fendi Collaborates With Rimowa to bring the most unexpected collaborations. Both the brands have collaborated to bring best luxury luggage for your best travelling.

Fendi Collaborates With Rimowa _ stylegodsFendi has collaborated with a German brand which is known for its luxury travelling bags. Brands have come together for the celebration of 80th Anniversary of Rimowa. Their togetherness has introduced lightweight luggage bag perfect for the modern traveller and frequent flyer. It is an effort taken by both the brands to make your holidays best and rememberable. This new collaboration will bring the future of style and function of modern mind together.

Luggage is made with aluminium and it is decorated with Fendi handles and strap imprints of the brand. The collection of luggage is weightless and innovative. The collection is flexible which makes it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere you want. The purchase of the collection will be available after 26 November on the web store of both the brands. This travel companion is easily adjustable for convenience and features a luxurious space inside. Just make sure that you do not miss something which was important for you to buy.

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