Female Yoga Instructors who live and breath yoga for better and easy lifestyle

Summer always seems a little less stressful—there’s frosé, beach time, and lots of vacations to plan and enjoy. But not every time we can run on vacations to release our stress. Your mind needs to breathe for better ideas and decisions. In today’s culture of always being available and ‘on’, the ancient practice of yoga can offer a holistic approach to combating the all-too-common ills of stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Modern yoga has grown to include more dynamic workouts, with varying styles of practice—from more traditional Hatha yoga to modern interpretations like Rocket. Our best female yoga instructors believe “Your stress levels magically skyrocket when you practice yoga in your daily life as a routine.” Here are on toe women you need to know and follow them to know what rules and yoga tricks they are trying.


Diksha Lalwani 

Female Yoga Instructors _ Style Gods

Diksha Lalwani is one of Mumbai’s most sought-after yoga teachers. Yoga was the only activity that Diksha could find solace in. She says that yoga gives her a positive energy which makes her see her life positively.


Sunaina Rekhi

Female Yoga Instructors _ Style Gods

Sunaina started practising yoga with no the intent to teach early on. Initially, she found the practice was challenging but also found it was a door to experiencing her body both kinesthetically and intuitively.


Shaik Afsha

Female Yoga Instructors _ Style Gods

“Yoga teaches you a lot of things…like how to be patient, handle your emotions better, and is quite effective when it comes to treating obesity, depression etc. But it has helped me tremendously in becoming a better human being” says Shaik.


Natasha Noel

Female Yoga Instructors _ Style Gods

“Even in my darkest of experiences, I never lost the hope to live. I always said that’s one thing I would never do. The most amazing thing about yoga is that it makes you live in the present.”


Vidya Malvade

Female Yoga Instructors _ Style Gods

“I am forever grateful and indebted to the yoga practice. It has helped me get over the darkest times of my life.”

“Yoga means addition – an addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”

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