Celebrity Facials that will make your skin toned and smooth

Facial is one of the important step to relax and redefine our face. It is one of the most common thing for every women. From a Bollywood celebrity to a common woman, everyone should try these relaxation tips for the skin. There is a huge variety available in the market for these facials. But we have to choose the one which enhances your beauty, remove the dead cells and make your skin tone look attractive. Every person has his or her own choices here are some favourite Celebrity facials which they apply regularly. But before using them you need to get them checked by your therapist whether they are suitable for your skin tone or not.


Snail Facial

Favourite Celebrity Facials _ stylegodsBlossom was the buzz in the beauty world two years back. The snail facial in its original form needed you to get snails leave their goodness that was slimy. Scientists have discovered ways of bottling the snail slime that turns out is a free radical fighter, into a serum.


The Vampire Facial

Vampire-facialThe ‘vampire’ facial made famous by PRP rich plasma which is drawn from the blood is technically used by Kim Kardashian and then via needling is reabsorbed into your skin. There’s ‘Frotox’ or confront freezing which uses liquid nitrogen freeze nerves, to cool the face and also have the blood.


The Fotona 4D Laser Face Lift

4d-laser-modesThis laser treatment is a four-measure noninvasive procedure that is medi-spa. The very first step is intra-oral laser rejuvenation. The results for skin and a year improves over the next few months since collagen builds up.



UlteraphyIt works on mild sagging around brows, loose chins and décolletage lines. Usually a 90-minute procedure, it has very little downtime because it merely activates the body’s own collagen.

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