Upcoming Fashion Trends For 2018 will be very different from 2017 trends

Fashion means to feel good. It should be something which excites you to make yourself look beautiful and stunning. Every new year brings a new style file with it. This style file is a list of all upcoming fashion Trends For 2018. We are always looking a season ahead to find the next trend. It is part of our DNA as fashion-lovers. Here are some of the fashion trends that you need to know and upgrade your wardrobe accordingly.


Colours choice

Screenshot from 2017-12-19 10:58:35Red with a mix of hot pink and old rose pink, deep emerald green, neutral grey, navy blue and, of course, the eternal black are colours for your fashion. Designers also assume that this season is all about paying homage to the 80’s disco scene with sequins and sparkles.


Layering Trend

Screenshot from 2017-12-19 10:58:45Shirt dresses layered with crop tops and relaxed pyjama pants. You can also go for long trench coats and oversized boyfriend jackets. All these trends will make your fashion sense maintained in your comfort zone. But what still going to be same is Off- shoulder trend.


Print Pattern

Screenshot from 2017-12-19 10:59:04Print, as usual, will be maintaining its own position but in a slightly different manner. This year you need to say hey to Rainbow stripes, Geometric and Florals prints. If you are willing to try something new then you can’t ignore corset dresses. These croset dresses will also take a good place in the fashion list of 2018.


Accessories Fashion

476AC80200000578-5189069-image-a-20_1513553060603Knowing women so well everyone knows that women can’t walk out without accessories. In term of accessory fashion, you need to buy Birkin bags in any of the metallic colours. From oversized hoops to structured heavy metal, earrings are bigger and better than ever.

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