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Magazines are known for telling what’s all new in fashion since early times. Be it the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, love advice or celebrity gossips. Magazines are every woman’s best friend. There is no better stress-buster than sipping a hot cup of coffee and pouring over glossy magazines. Here’s a list of India’s top 5 must-read fashion magazine.

Fashion magazines are about capturing the cultural moments through the study of fashion pieces. They are important because they show us the essentials of the issues happening at the moment. Fashion images are bold and beautiful–their power lies in these qualities. The boldness leaves an imprint in people’s mind like no other. Fashion magazines is a platform for the voices from of common people to be heard. Magazines are considered as true venue for self-expression and self-exploration. Fashion magazines will forever hold its special place in this world as it is a space to express unique voices. They incorporate something not only as powerful as news articles but also as beautiful as art works.


Vogue India Magazine

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Known as the fashion bible, this top international magazine had its first India issue for October, 2007. It was the 17th international edition of Vogue and the first edition in South Asia. Vogue India is published by Condé Nast India Pvt. Ltd.


Verve Magazine

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Verve is India’s premier and only home-grown luxury and lifestyle magazine for women that has been in publication since 1995. The magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2015.


Elle India Magazine

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The first issue of the Indian edition of Elle was the December 1996 issue. The magazine is published by Ogaan Publications Pvt. Ltd. Ogaan is based in Mumbai and has offices in New Delhi and Bangalore.


Harper’s Bazar Magazine

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Harper’s Bazaar India began publication with the March 2009 issue.The magazine is a haven for fashion lovers, be it street style or couture, it provides a list of the latest style and beauty trends.


Femina Magazine

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Its first publication in July 1959, Femina has grown into one of the most popular women’s magazine in India. Though not in its entirety a fashion magazine, it covers a wide range of topics relating to women, fashion, beauty, travel, health, relationships and celebrity interviews.

These magazines not only give us a define way of life style, luxury, style or fashion but it give view point and thinking aspect of different people. It is a place where not only designer’s or actors express there fashion sense but give something new to us in style and the way we carry things. I promise that these magazines will change your living style and your fashion sense. Will make you a fashion diva in your friends group.

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