Fashion Faux Pas that you shouldn’t commit

Ultimate Fashion Faux Pax


1. Baggy Clothes or Prison Clothes:

Fashion Faux Pas can often be avoided with the help of a little common sense and awareness. People aren’t really a fan of the pants-falling-down look, especially the elders. Baggy T- Shirts and pants do not go well with any type of shoes and it makes you look uncanny on formal occasions. These clothes are also referred to as prison clothes.

Fashion faux pax


2. Extra Tight T-Shirt:

Super tight T-shirt–it’s painful and uncomfortable to wear and see. Also nobody likes to see those things protruding out of your chest. So let’s not go there and therefore avoid wearing extra tight T-shirts, one of the major Fashion Faux Pas adopted by fitness enthusiasts.

fashion faux pax


3. Socks and Sandals:

The 21st Century has made huge progress in terms of technology and fashion. The Roman Age may have followed the trend of wearing socks and sandals together but let’s try to learn from the past mistakes and move on to a more hopeful future. Socks and sandals aren’t the most visually appealing combination. They never go along together.



4. Super Deep V-Neck:

V-Necks are fashionable but just don’t wear a V-Neck so deep that it shows your chest hair in public. Save it for the bedroom. The clothes of your choice may seem okay to wear sometimes but it is better to look decent than have it your way most of the time. Therefore, Super Deep V-Neck is equal to a Fashion Disaster.

fashion faux pax


5. Too Much Animal Print: 

Animal prints may be an evergreen vintage look but too much of the print spoils the look on any celebrity no matter how good looking they are. Let’s try and keep the animal print look on a minimal and hope that PETA doesn’t call the authorities on us.

fashion faux pax


6. Ironic T-Shirts:

We get it: you’re a funny guy. You don’t need to announce it to the world with an obnoxious looking T-shirt which says something ironic enough to disturb the minds of the public. Such Fashion Faux Pax can cause a damage to your goodwill.

fashion faux pax


7. Hybrid Shoes:

There are loafers and there are sneakers, each great for certain occasions. Cross-breed them,however, and you have a shoe that isn’t appropriate for anything. So it is advised to wear something that seems simple yet elegant and it shouldn’t look anything as goofy as a pair of hybrid shoes. Hybrid shoes are also a Fashion Faux Pax and should not be worn.

fashion faux pax

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