Biggest Color Trends We’ll All Be Wearing

Fashion is a powerful art that enables individuals to express their personality. Whenever a designer designs a garment he takes immense care of number of things, like fabric, design of dress, silhouette and embellishments. Out of all the features, the most dominating one is the color of garment. Therefore, no matter how beautiful or elegant the design is made, still the striking part is color. So we can say that color is the first thing people observe in any garment and that leaves a lasting impression. The Pantone Color Institute offers designers, marketers, creators and brands a chance to work together and build a strong and powerful color presence. As the leading color matching system, their knowledge of color is unparalleled. They are the experts in how color affects not only design but also consumerism. Every year Pantone’s decide for color of the year and color trends that are going to rein the runway and to the different fashion markets. Pantone has already announced its fashion color trend report, which features the top 12 colors, as well as 4 classical neutrals for Spring/Summer 2020. Though classic blue has been  defined as the color of the year there are other colors which will be the trend in 2020.

These Fashion colors are as follows:

Flame Scarlet


Bright! Bold! Vivid! Pantone shares that, “Flame Scarlet exudes confidence and determination.”  It is that one color that provides you with youthful vibes and also freshens your look.



A mix up shade of orangey yellow . This saffron shade is the definition of wearing an optimistic color.  And it looks its best when worn from head-to-toe.

Biscay Green


This color is “connected to cleansing waters”, according to Pantone. This year, it’s all about a cool and refreshing aqua shade. This is definitely one of the most unexpected yet dominant shades we saw on the runway.

Classic blue


It continues to glisten and gleam in New York Fashion Week! It has been regarded as the color of the year.



We find another green on the runway this time . Chive is that older cousin of green you can still rely on if you want to look good. This herbal green imparts a healthy harmony.

Faded Denim


This hue of denim always look good and provide comfort. Denim is always on-trend. It can be worn with a variety of colors and is also suitable for a plethora of occasions — casual as well as formal.



When it comes to white, white is that splendid color which can be mixed and matched in multiple ways. White is never out of fashion. This clean, crisp and pristine white is good for the designer to display all the versatile collections to all of us.

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