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Fashion Blogging: Selling Style and Fashion Through Blogs

Fashion blogging

Fashion blogging gets personal with opinions on lifestyle and brand preferences

Fashion blogging: There was a time when the internet was used only to read e-mails and other kinds of information or to exchange documents.

As the time passed, it has turned into a tool to influence individuals and even write online journals. It was more of a means of communication when blogging began as part of an action. Then attributes were added making sites more potent than ever. Clients’ comments on blogs helped spread the word from the horse’s mouth. Blogging is a significant action today, together with popular bloggers affecting politics, fashion and every other world of society.became a tool to communicate with, shop, influence people and even write online journals. It was more of one way communication when blogging began as a member of an online action. Then, interactive features were added making blogs more powerful than ever. Readers’ comments on blogs helped spread the word from the horse’s mouth. Fashion blogging is an important activity with bloggers affecting politics, style and each other sphere of society.

Fashion blogging

Fashion blogging has paved a way for sites to increase sales, understand customer sentiment and demand, improve product quality and understand trends for both the brands and buyers. The addition of facilities like photographs, viewers’ comments and inquiries, in addition to expert opinions on a series of topics have opened up a new interactive platform for bloggers.


Strong grip on viewers

In the past, fashion magazine editors, super models, designers and movie celebrities represented and changed the fashion world. The contemporary world of fashion has evolved and it takes inspiration from everywhere – to elegant layouts from road styles. Therefore, the part of style bloggers that have a massive effect on which customers buy is now essential for brands . Some trend bloggers as a hobby have made a full-fledged career who started sites. It’s the variety of followers that decide to purchase their clothes and read the blogs, although it isn’t the level which makes bloggers prominent.


Popular magazines have even carried editorials by authors as acceptance to alter the scenario. Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three has completed an editorial for Elle fashion magazine, while continuing with her website and attending University lectures in Australia. They know that the idea involving influence and celebrity – who is. They will estimate that so.”

Fashion blogging

Aside from the transition that the fashion industry has gone through, customers also have changed concerning expectations. Communication is the secret to building customer loyalty and bloggers have an advantage of readily building a rapport. Nowadays, bloggerssnapshots of parties and events, which help them earn followers and more hits. And though many magazines do not like the existence of bloggers at fashion events, some celebrities like Lucky have begun embracing the energy of the bloggers. During New York Fashion Week September 2014, occasions were organised by magazines for bloggers. Also, several fashion and lifestyle brands favour bloggers over magazines because of higher degrees of involvement and buying.


“Magazines are realising we’re influencers. A number people are getting tens of thousands of hits every day and it makes fashion more relatable for everyone. Our followers see us as regular girls mixing items with designers and thrift shop jeans,” said blogger Kristi Elong, who started Currently Crushing site and Instagram.