After the massive successes of their oils and serums, the brand that revolutionized skin care, and bridged the gap between makeup and skin care – Farsali – has fans and followers hyped over their next product that will be launching soon exclusively on



Say hello, to Liquid Glass, a limited edition make-skin serum by the brand.



Achieve the look of “glassy skin” with Liquid Glass, a hybrid make-skin serum that promises to deliver long-lasting dewy skin in one single step.

Inspired by the Korean skincare trend of “glass skin”, this unique formula combines the usual 10 steps of this routine and packs them into one powerful bottle that hydrates, radiates and gives you translucent, crystal-like skin.

The serum’s formula contains two key ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Revitalizes and replenishes the skin’s outer layers with moisture, and helps plump the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • AcquaCell: Is a natural complex that combines watermelon rind extract, lentil fruit extract and apple extract to give you long-lasting hydration and plump skin.



Liquid Glass can be used as a radiating skin serum, or as a primer before makeup application. It may also be applied prior to, mixed with or layered on top of skincare or makeup for a luminous finish.


Liquid Glass will retail for $54, and as mentioned before, is limited edition.

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