Face wash for different skin types

Hello ladies, we will be talking about choosing a face wash for different skin types and how one should go about it.

Every individual begins the day by cleansing face. The purpose of washing your face is to maintain good looking and healthy skin. When you wash your face you feel rejuvenated and your skin feels dirt free as well. If you forget washing your face or you do not wash it regularly then it can harm your skin. Not every face wash available in the market will suit your skin. Some might make your skin too dry, others won’t remove dirt or oil from skin. 

Ensure, that you go for sulphate-free and paraben-free face washes no matter what your skin type is.

There are 3 important factors one looks into the Facewash –

  1. Gently removes build up
  2. Boost hydration
  3. Maintains clear sin

What does that mean for you?

Gently removes build up


As we know that throughout the day, our face get’s covered with lot of pollutants and excessive oil, dirt. So the daily work of   face wash is to remove this impurities and dirt out of the face. This daily ritual will give you a fresh look.

Boost Hydration- If our regular cleaning is combined with the use of moisturizer, this will help your skin to maintain a proper level of hydration. Also ,the skin which is not hydrated properly, looks aged and rough.

Maintains clear skin—In our skin there are tiny glands that produces sebum,  which protects the skin from outside. It prevents the penetration of microbes by forming a barrier. Excessive dirt builds up on the surface and causes blockage of follicles trapping sweat, sebum and dead skin cells. Therefore proper skin cleansing clears pores of debris to prevent dirt buildup, allowing sebum to reach the skin surface and reducing the chances of a breakout.

For dry skin


Considering these points in mind we should also seek out these things for a dry skin-

Many of us deal with dry skin, so go for cream-based face washes that help in removing most of your makeup. Avoid face washes that consist of salicylic or glycolic acid since they have the tendency to dry out your skin. Dry skin lacks lipids (fats) or water or perhaps both therefore it is difficult to stay hydrated. Therefore it is equally important to go for a face wash that leaves some extra moisture on the skin and protect it from further drying.

For Oily Skin- For an oil based skin, preferably go for an oil-control face wash that digs deep to purify pores (ones with charcoal are highly effective), and that helps to  regulate oil production without leaving your face feeling dry. A formula that balances pH will also slow the growth of bacteria and help prevent breakouts.

For normal skin-For a normal skin a skin which never gets too oil nor too dry, you can  try going for a wide variety of face wash.

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