Eyeliner Wearing Styles that were seen hitting the ramps this season, easy and quirky to add drama to your look

2018 fashion trends were all about Individuality with no compromise, and when it comes to the makeup trend than embraced looks, natural textures and dramatic eyeliners have worked like fire for the season. Black eyeliner is taking a dramatic turn in 2018 with the classic changes and has now created its very own art movement. Eyeliner wearing styles are now with lots of feathers and pops of colour brushed under the black flick, to a very sultry, smoky, shimmery winged eye or creating graphics shapes with it is a new cool. Check out some of the most dramatic looks that were seen on the ramp as the latest trend and surely are going to give you quirky and different look.


The Barely Flick

Eyeliner Wearing Styles _ Style Gods

This is surely going to become the favourite one for those who still struggle to create that bling perfect winged looks for themselves.


Silver Corners

Eyeliner Wearing Styles _ Style Gods

Silver has not just hit the wardrobes this season, it is hitting vanity boxes as well. Silver on the under-eye waterline and at the inner corners, and black on the upper lid.


The All Rounder

Eyeliner Wearing Styles _ Style Gods

Take the darkest eyeliner from your vanity box and trace your entire eye with it, without leaving any nude gaps in between. No other makeup is needed to make your look subtle and classy.


The Glitter Round

Eyeliner Wearing Styles _ Style Gods

Surely, you would not say no to glitter as it adds glamour to your look. Smudge your khol entirely on upper and lower eyelid, topped with black dots of muted glitter.


The Black Art

Eyeliner Wearing Styles _ Style Gods

Let your eyes not only talk but dance. Dip a thin brush into your pot of black liner and treat your eyes like a canvas. Don’t be afraid to paint your wings wide.

“Live your liner, and breathe your lipstick.”

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