Too Faced have witnessed MASSIVE success with their Better Than Sex mascara. So much, that brands worldwide insisted on duping the cult favourite mascara. But Too Faced weren’t one to be bothered by the copies. The brand continued to sell their mascara, with no dipping! The next step – an eyeliner to match!



This cutting-edge liquid eyeliner is the easiest you’ll ever use, created to produce a sharp, fluid, smudge-proof line, every time!

The combination of our Easy Glide 24-hour waterproof formula and our innovative dual-fiber brush creates an eyeliner so amazing, it’s…Better Than Sex.

  • Ultra-rich deep black pigment
  • Intense pigment load for one-swipe payoff
  • Long-wearing for 24 sexy hours
  • Waterproof
  • Non-fading
  • Smudge proof
  • Flake proof

According to Allure magazine, Too Faced CEO Jerrod Blandino’s pursuit of the perfect eyeliner ended up taking the team to art pen manufacturers in Japan. The end result featured a mix of firm and flexible bristles unlike anything seen before.

“It literally is tomorrow’s eyeliner available today,” he explains. “They were amazing at reinventing what an eyeliner could be; the weight, the load, the way the product is filled within the component. It’s all of these mechanics.”

The Better Than Sex took 3 years and dozens of formulations to achieve a winner. Making it truly Better Than Sex.

Shop the Too Faced eyeliner on their website and at Sephora.

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