” May your coffee be hot and your eyeliner be even ”
Eyes talk a lot about a person’s mood, temperament and disposition. Perfectly applied, excellent eye makeup assures a second glance from most people. Every woman loves to enhance the beauty of her eyes by applying eye makeup as it accentuates them and make them look much more expressive. With branded cosmetics and makeup products, you need not go to the salon, you can easily do your own makeup which will take only a few minutes. The smoky and glamorous look for the eyes is in trend these days, you too can get that look with Kajal. You can flaunt your look with a few touches of Eye Shadow and for the more dramatic look wear waterproof mascara with eyeliner.
To get that perfect smoky look, get a good kohl kajal and an eye shadow kit with nude shades. For eye makeup to get a glittery party look, you can buy eye shadow kits with metallic and shimmery colors. Select a palette of eye shadow, with numerous shades in it, if you are party girl and like playing with your looks.


e2 Price : Rs. 8099


e1 Price : Rs. 3467


e7 Price : Rs. 2817


e3 Price : Rs. 1580


e5 Price : Rs. 1005


e4 Price : Rs. 830


If you like to accentuate your eyes that everyone around you can’t see anywhere but in your eye, just be courageous to play with them little more.