I went to my first ever K-beauty store last year a little over a month ago. Mumuso, located in the heart of Kolkata was nothing short of mesmerizing – because it was affordable AF. Although I will admit, all the affordability went through the window when I blew over INR3500 there. *whoops* One thing I understood about K-Beauty is that it’s all about the packaging – cute AF.

Infamous K-Beauty brand, Etude House took the word “delicious” pretty literally when they collaborated with Kit Kat to give us two palettes. They look so good, you’d want to dig in.

In common fashion, I found out about the Kit Kat palettes because of Trendmood.

The palettes come in two styles – in the milk chocolate “wrapping” and the other in the strawberry white chocolate version. Each of the palette contains 6 shades, and both of them come in an exclusive Kit Kat pouch.

The milk-chocolate version includes

Kit Kat


  • Matte beige
  • Rich matte tan
  • Medium brown with gold shimmer
  • Matte chocolate brown (duh)
  • Shimmering gold
  • Shimmering red.


The strawberry-white-chocolate kit kat version includes

Kit Kat


  • Matte cream
  • Shimmery peach
  • Shimmery pink
  • Matte rich brown
  • Shimmer rich brown
  • Matte golden brown

If you have a serious sweet tooth, you can find the Kit Kat palettes here.