Organic fashion Of Ethicus is here In Delhi: Feel more close to nature In these sarees.

There is a new revolution in India: The organic entrepreneurs. People who have come up with this concept are creating awareness and telling us the importance why it’s so important to follow sustianable fashion. This is truly a fashion with fresh eyes that will tie you back to the millennia of tradition. It is a balance between the motherland and the rooted Indian approach. Ethicus is a farm to fashion initiative of the husband & wife duo of Mani Chinnaswamy & Vijayalakshmi Nachiar.

Ethicus _ StylegodsThis has been a mile stone year for the brand. Its journey with textiles has reached a new destination. It is the first brand who has presented fashion with simplicity. It also has the distinction of being India’s first Organic & Sustainable fashion brand. Celebrating 8 years for brand they have an exhibition in Delhi on 28 and 29 July. This exhibition will showcase the weaves made from the finest of Organic Cotton. But their each product is a handcrafted masterpiece. All designs are beautiful intricate textures using a wide range of eco friendly colors.

The brand works towards creating a product of the highest quality. They prefer using the finest of ecologic organic yarns & the best of artisans to create world class textiles for today. The designs are an amalgamation of contemporary and traditional. The brand thins in different way, they try to involve the weavers equally in the designing process. To get the best results they try to create a strong bond between the designers and weavers. Every design have many creative hands behind and tells a story.

Ethicus _ StylegodsSo go, grab the best of fabric and unique collection of saree and suits at Aga Khan (Small House) Mandi house. We know that you will not miss the chance of getting one step closer to nature and the best of designs I have come across.

Location: Aga Khan Hall, Bhagwan Das Lane, Mandi House, Delhi.

When: July 28th to 29th; 10am to 7pm(Free Entry).

Go Organic.

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